Recommendation List??

because everyone have why not make one as well?

this is my list off Light/Web Novel that i have read and enjoyed, maybe you will enjoy as well?? at least try reading some of these if you have free time….

and english is my second language so sorry if some off the sentences are a bit warped.

1-Mushoku Tensei (BakaTsuki)

(My first time was awesome, this is the first novel that i have read, i was reading lots and lots of manga (because i’m/was a otaku) and i fond this manga and it only had 6 chapters, but i really liked it, some of the comments talked about the novel but i ignored for quite some time, every time a new chapter of the manga came out i read it again from the beginning until i couldn’t stand anymore the curiosity.)

The story is about a trash NEET who was hated by his family and died in regret so he is reincarnated and decide to give his best in everything, don’t give up just because it’s hard, because hard work gives results,(i really like the moral lesson of this novel) the begging is a slice of life where the MC start to get to know the world it is really funny and cute, but the story really start on the first “Turning point” man this chapters really change the like of the protagonist and the world future, well the MC is not the most important guy in the world, is not like everything will be alright because he is the MC and the world revolves around him more like, the world revolves around the Gods (it is not a spoiler?) the MC is just a guy who try his best and gets results according too what a human can get and that is what i like, after all he is just a normal man(a bit genius of magic but well…) and this story has more than 300 chapter that i have read 3 times!!!

2-Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (BakaTsuki,Yoraikun,Ohanashimi)

The story of a antihero!!! he is the worst but he is cool and it is funny, and the characters change a lot during the plot, because people change in real life why do they always stay the same during most of the manga’s i have read…. a masterpiece this one it has drama,adventure,romance,tragedy,dragons,action,comedy and a really good plot

3-Gifting the wonderful world with blessings